Purely Bees


Our honey

Our honey is harvested and processed differently to mainstream honey producers who usually centrifuge the honeycomb at high speed, heat and finely filter the honey to make it appear clear. We cold press our honeycomb and coarse filter, then we bottle it immediately to produce what we believe is the purest form of honey available - this is of course a much more labour intensive process and we are fortunate to have the ability and patience to do this!

Other products

As a by-product of processing honey by cold pressing honeycomb, we produce a certain amount of beeswax, which is refined using solar energy and is of a very high quality without any of the chemical impurities that can sometimes be found in beeswax from large scale commercial operations. From time to time (if we have any unsold beeswax!) we produce candles, beeswax-based polishes and hand creams too.

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