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Purely Bees is a small "cottage industry" producer of honey, beeswax and other beekeeping related products, based in Bexhill-On-Sea in East Sussex. Our products are locally sourced from our own beehives and those of selected trusted beekeepers in East Sussex, and we pride ourselves in using the most natural beekeeping methods possible - meaning that we avoid the use of any chemicals at all in our beehives, and do our best to respect the bees' natural way of life without attempting to force them to produce excessive amounts of honey...

Nature at it's best


We passionately believe that bees produce the best tasting and most beneficial honey if we let them live and work as nature intended, and as they have done very successfully for over 100 million years according to recent scientific discoveries (that’s a lot longer than we humans have been around!). Sadly, modern beekeeping “science” dictates that beekeepers should constantly meddle with the way their bees live in order to make them more productive or to (allegedly) protect them from all manner of identified illnesses, pests and parasites...

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Free collection of honey bee swarms in and around Bexhill

If a swarm of bees has landed in your garden or somewhere on your property (or maybe even on your car!) don't panic, we can help. We will gladly come and collect swarms, free of charge within a 10 mile radius of Bexhill-on-Sea, and give them a good home in one of our rural apiaries in and around Bexhill.

Update May 2023 - we are temporarily unable to collect swarms due to circumstances out of our control - if you need a swarm collected please find your nearest beekeeper on the BBKA Swarm Map