Purely Bees

About us

Purely Bees is a small "cottage industry" producer of honey, beeswax and other beekeeping related products, based in Bexhill-On-Sea in East Sussex. Our products are locally sourced from our own beehives and those of selected trusted beekeepers in East Sussex, and we pride ourselves in using the most natural beekeeping methods possible - meaning that we avoid the use of any chemicals at all in our beehives, and do our best to respect the bees' natural way of life without attempting to force them to produce excessive amounts of honey. Read more ...

Fresh honeycomb as it comes out of the beehive

Where can you find our products?

We sell our produce through a network of carefully selected partners, and occasionally at markets and events; you can also purchase products directly from us - we aren't big enough yet to merit an on line shop, so drop us an email at info@purelybees.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Update: October 2022 - We're glad to report we've been working hard at building up the number of beehives again this spring and summer, and that has gone very well, helped by collecting a good number of swarms during the year. It has been an excellent season for bees - they did really well over the long warm summer, and the harvest has been excellent! We've now started bottling the honey, so (at last!) we have honey for sale again:

* £7.50 per jar (227g) or £14.00 for 2 jars *
* We also have pure natural beeswax available at £2 per 100g (£20 per kg) *

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You can collect honey from us in central Bexhill, and we also offer a local delivery service in and around Bexhill.